Love Retreat

Raising self-love and the realization of oneness

8th to 13th of April 2020



With the experienced workshop leaders Karina Hoepers and Philip Dons.
8th to 13th of April 2020 (with optional program until the 14th)

A cozy discovery and celebration of our loving nature and our deep connection with the whole! Space for max 18 people, at an amazing cabin by the mountains of Geilo, 3 hours from Oslo, Norway!

We are born as love. Because of many disconnecting environments we live in, most of us when growing up have forgotten how easy it is to rest as love and we end up feeling anxious, disconnected from oneself and others, depressed and stressed.

This retreat will be held in english, but there will be possible to translate the things that are unclear to norwegian.

In this gathering we will be guided to undoubtedly awaken to always-present love, through ancient and modern non-dogmatic teachings of the direct path of self-realization. Karina and Philip coach groups in non-hierarchical ways, facilitating self-investigations, self-inquiries, juicy guided meditations and discovering answers in our own experience.

They will often open for questions and share from their experience. They will facilitate the embodiment of this awakening into our mind, emotions, speech and actions, through a variety of reflections and exercises. 

They will support the participants in making important commitments and following through them, so that you know how to re-create such realizations in your daily lives, instead of falling back into old patterns when coming back home. Both coaches are artists as well, and they use much playfulness with delightful music to listen, sing and dance, so that, as science shows, through blissful emotions we can easily re-write our subconscious for healthier patterns.


Karina and Philip are self-mastery coaches, a harmonious couple leading by their example and by powerful transformational tools.

They support coaches, leaders and everyone who is thirsty to take a leap in their sense of inner freedom, ethics and understanding of their true nature.

They offer career and leadership coaching, mindfulness, meditation, empathic communication, healthy habits, functional nutrition and conscious sexuality.

KARINA HOEPERS is an international lecturer from Brasil, about the human potential since 1994, graduated in psychology in 2001, sexologist, dance teacher since 1993 and meditation/Reiki teacher and doula since 1995.

PHILIP DONS is a Certified Co-Active Coach (CPCC), musician and actor from Norway. He has worked as a life coach since 2014, mainly with youth since 2016.

The retreat will be in english, with translation in norwegian if there is something unclear. 



At our retreats we focus on the three levels as a whole. Body, mind and soul. To be in motion is a part of the souls journey. At this particular retreat we do yoga, streching, dancing and other playful activities. 

There will also be time to go outside and enjoy nature and the possibilities for skiing downhill and crosscountry skiing.

At lunch time or evening, we can enjoy sitting by the bonfire and eating healthy home made food.



What do we offer you for your investment?

  • 5 nights and 6 days(or one more), in the mountain of Norway at Easter time, all inclusive!

  • All vegan and mostly organic food.
  • 3 homecooked meals a day by our own chef.

  • Drinks such as coffee, tea, water and some juices.

  • FREE detox, as a result of natural healthy eating. 

  • Packed program with 2 leaders such as workshops, yoga and other activities at the retreat. 

  • Personalized workshops.

  • Linens and towels. 

  • Transportation back and forth to the nearby train or bus station. 

  • A Beautiful location in the mountains with luxury view, whirlpool & sauna.

  • Skiikng resort nearby and crosscountry skiing tracks right outside the door. 

  • A great opportunity to find connection and love within yourself and others. An unique opportunity.

 8th of April to 13th of April: 11990,- 

8th of April to 14th of April: 12490,-

A greate value for such an investment! AND remember it is an investment in YOUR SELF!

It does not include transportation to Uvdal, Geilo. But we will be able to pick you up from the bus        or train station. 



All retreats guided by Karina and Philip have a confidentiality agreement, where we all agree to not share with others the personal stories/experiences from the retreat, so that all can feel safer to open up.


Read this agreement before booking.

Terms & condition agreement

For more practical information about this retreat, the program, registration and so on, please send us an email in the contact form below. 


The retreat for your wellbeing and inner peace.

In one with nature.

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Uvdal, Geilo, Norway.

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