Christmas Holiday Retreat

23rd  - 27th of December 2021


 - to gather people in peace, joy & harmony in a time of year that is difficult for many.

Christmas can be a challenging time for many, including myself, and therefore I wanted to create a small retreat at this time of the year.

The best Christmases I have had have been with friends. From close friends to groups of workers, that became my friends.  Without anything that reminded us of Christmas, we had the best time. We had each other and we all appreciated that special time we shared together.

For me, Christmas is about friendships, gatherings, heartfelt peace & harmony. Love, care, and consideration. Vulnerability - honesty.

We are kind and generous with each other, we help each other and we hold space for people who have a hard time. We forgive, we open our hearts and we are patient. We include & accept. We open our hearts.

There is no rush. We are present in the now, grateful for the time and space we are in. 

Wenche  M. Eriksen, retreat host.


As a chef, spaceholder, coach & spiritual being, I will make a loose program with time for conversations, chill & awesome healthy foods. We let ourselves be led by the energies around us and what we as humans need at this time.  

A cozy & meaningful celebration of our loving nature & in unity with each other, the earth & the universe as a whole. Space for max 10 people, at my home that I will share with you. Only 35 minutes by car from Oslo. 

We are born as love. We are born to experience life, to grow, overcome obstacles, to learn how to raise up, to build strength, to learn how to love ourselves. By raising our consciousness, vibration, and frequency, focusing on love, unity, joy, and bliss.

By sharing openly and listening respectfully, we open our perspectives to grow and learn.

This retreat will be held in Norwegian if there are only Norwegian participants. 


At this particular retreat, I will open up for the participants if they have some special activity they practice and would like to share. Instead of buying gifts, we can share our resources. It`s voluntary, but it will bring the group closer together to participate.  So if you have something you would like to teach or share, please let me know. 

There will also be time to go outside and enjoy nature. If there is snow, bring your skis if you would like. 

At lunchtime or evening, we can enjoy sitting by the bonfire, sharing and eating healthy homemade food.

Everyone is welcome to help out, and as a group we participate in setting the table, cooking if you would like, and cleaning up afterward. We also have to get firewood and clean up after ourselves.

 Having a conscious approach to everything we are doing, will give you a more meaningful experience. 


The food at the retreat will be vegan & vegetarian. It only means you will eat healthier, not poorer. 

You will probably not gain weight, and you will probably feel good (except that there will be some goodies ... But it is voluntary... ;-)

You are welcome to participate in the making of the food, and there will be 3 meals a day. 

On the 24th I open up for some more people to join us for Christmas dinner. So let's come together and prepare and welcome them. 

If there are any allergies, please let me know. 

There will not be served alcohol at the retreat. 


The price for this Christmas Holiday Retreat is 2990,-nok 

and includes:

  • 4 nights in shared rooms.

  • All vegan & vegetarian homemade foods.
  • 3 home cooked meals a day by our own chef.

  • Drinks such as coffee, tea, and water. 

  • Transportation back and forth to the nearby train or bus station. 

  • A Quiet & Beautiful location in nature.

  • A great opportunity to connect with yourself & others, and to celebrate the Christmas Holiday in Peace, Love & Harmony.

What is NOT included:

  • Linens and towels can be rented at 200nok a piece.
  • Cleaning your rooms afterward. (Self-cleaning).

Limited Spots at 10 people.

Instead of bringing gifts, think about what you would like to share. That could be anything you enjoy, create or service. Let`s focus on giving from the heart. But you do not have to, and it is not expected. 

To register for this retreat, please fill out the form.